HK 41

Heckler & Koch
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This Extremely Rare and Highly Desirable HK41 was Imported in 1966 by Golden State Arms, one of the first importers of the early HK41 rifles. The HK41 is Semi auto version of the G3 rifle fielded by the German military of the time period. The trigger group is marked "MADE IN GERMANY FOR SANTA FE DIVISION-GOLDEN STATE ARMS CORPORATION-PASADENA-CALIFORNIA-U.S.A.-CAL. 7,62 mm NATO”. The HK41’s have a phosphate finish instead of the later style black painted finish of newer HK rifles. The HK41 has a flapper mag release as well as the push button on the right side and still has the push pin hole in the lower part of the receiver, tabs and a cross bar have been welded in to prevent a full auto trigger group from being installed. The trigger group, receiver, stock, bolt & bolt carrier are all stamped with “601” corresponding to the last three digit’s of the serial number stamped on the receiver. It also has an original HK41 manual that comes with the rifle. The magazine is not original to the rifle but is a steel phosphate finish magazine.